Winter Is About To Strike So It Is Time To Prepare

When old man winter is looming on the horizon and is about arrive to bring his worst, few are really ready. Everything changes in an instant the moment snow starts to accumulate on the ground. Whether it is an overnight snowfall or happens during the day, the entire area turns into madness. Despite people living in locations that receive snow every year, the moment that there is a dusting of snow, they all go crazy. Especially on the roads.

“Traffic often comes to a standstill, it makes it difficult for our crews to navigate throughout their routes” says the owner of a company that offers Snow Removal in Champlin, MN. “The worst is when there are snow events during the overnight, then at dawn it stops snowing and skies clear up and the sun comes out, those events are stressful.”

During the snowfalls and even during the time afterwards despite road crews clearing the roads with their plows and laying down ice melt (usually salt) to melt ice, which otherwise would cause an extremely slippery and potential dangerous situation. Drivers need to slow down and keep their distance from the vehicle ahead of them, this allows ample space for braking and the ability to stop if the situation requires it.

Here are some effective tips for driving in the winter if it is required:

  • Stay home. Only go out if necessary
  • Drive slowly
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Increase your following distance to five to six seconds
  • Know your brakes
  • Don’t stop if you can avoid it
  • Don’t power up hills
  • Don’t stop going up a hill

Prevention is key to ensuring safety on the roads for not only you but your family and other drivers. Being apprehensive about taking precautions when driving will allow for safer environments this winter.

Hiring The Right Contractor

One of the most miserable things with winter is one of two, or sometimes both of these situations.

  1. Snow falls during the day while you are at work and after sitting in traffic for two hours to get home, you then have to spend an hour shoveling your driveway
  2. Snow falls overnight, so in order to get out of your driveway safely you have to wake up an hour earlier to shovel your driveway before you spend two hours in traffic

These are both miserable scenarios – but there is a solution this, hiring an ideal snow removal company to take care of your driveway and sidewalk so you can remove that task from your mind and have a less stressful day. Take these tips and overall slow down this winter for a better driving experience.