When To Call A Pro For Work On Your Home

Safety is an important factor that comes into play when doing any work on your home, be it cleaning gutters, repairing shingles, trimming shrubs, wiring in electrical, or any other task – there are potential dangers you must be aware of.

When To Do-It-Yourself

The project is small enough where you can learn the process quickly: It is always a good idea to take time to research a home improvement project before starting. If you want to pressure wash your driveway, you may need to learn the basics from tutorial videos, read about what tools you need and ask a contractor for advice. If you are willing to learn and follow the steps, doing it yourself would make sense.

You must have patience: Depending on the project, you may have to make extra trips to the store because did not correctly measure for the amount of material that is needed. Then you have to start over, especially if it is something that uses wood like a deck or wiring electrical components where you have to use new material again. This all takes time and requires patience to avoid being frustrated.

Home repairs are seen as hobbies rather than work: If you do not enjoy doing work on things around the house, any project is going to feel miserable.

You are not a perfectionist: If the home project you are considering requires attention to detail, be aware that your project may not turn out as well as a pro’s work. If the problems are minor and you’ll be able to live with the results, it could be worthwhile to try a small DIY job.

When To Hire A Professional

A mistake would have serious or disastrous consequences: If a minor error has the potential to cause dire harm to you, your family or your home, hire a professional. This holds true especially if the project is electrical.

Mid Georgia Electric always recommends having a trained technician take an assessment of any do-it-yourself project and inspect wiring and other electrical components due to the fact that if those components were turned on, your house could start on fire.

A permit is required: Municipalities nationwide require permits for electrical, structural or other major work. Get in touch with your city hall or local government office to see what licenses and permits are required. If a project requires these, it is best to seek out a service professional.

Your time is worth more than paying a contractor: If working your job or business or spending time with friends or family is worth more from a monetary standpoint than paying the amount for a contractor, hire one. For large scale projects this can be a big factor such as building a deck, wiring electrical in your house, installing a pool and more.

You want to sell your home: If you are looking to place your home on the market, many buyers are turned away when they see a poorly built project. Especially if it is something significant and something that stands out when a person views your home.

Take these tips and apply them to each and every project you are considering for your home and you will be happy you did when you are able to enjoy learning a new skill or take the time saved and spend with family or friends.